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Flashlight ®

Instant ON • No Ads • 5 Stars on over 20,000 Reviews! This version is 100% perfected and is the "FASTEST" True Flashlight available for the iPhone 4, GUARANTEED! NO Ads. Light comes on INSTANTLY. ***On Sale $.99 (Regularly $1.99***)

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#1 Top Paid Utility App in U.S.
#5 Top Paid App Overall in U.S.

*** UPDATE VERSION 4.2 ***
Light comes on even faster now. Switch has been perfected and all multitasking issues have been resolved. ★Preserve battery by reducing number of apps open at the same time. Kill open apps by double-clicking home button to reveal multitasking tray, then tap and hold one icon for 2 seconds until red circles with (-) signs appear, click each to close unneeded open apps. Your phone will then run FASTER and your battery will last LONGER! Any problems with Flashlight ® Version 4.2 are due to too many open apps. Simply kill the app and relaunch. Your iPhone 4 will Thank You. :)

Finally a REAL Flashlight ONLY on the NEW iPhone 4. Flashlight ® taps into the power of the NEW flash on the iPhone 4 to give you an incredibly bright Flashlight that is significantly brighter than those apps that simply turn your screen white.

No Silly Strobe you can accidentally activate, No Clap-Off that turns the light off every time there's a loud noise, No Disco Mode and NO fake virtual lightbulbs!

The simplest, fastest TRUE Flashlight in the App Store that automatically turns on when you launch the application. And the only one with 5 Stars on over 17,000 Reviews!

What users are saying about Flashlight ®

★ "Best Flashlight app ever! 5 star!!"

★ "Perfect, simple app! If all you need is a Flashlight and not some dumb strobe light... Look no farther!"

★ "Amazing use of the flash for a great Flashlight app. This works almost instantly and is def the best flashlight app out right now. Plain and simple easy to use. Delete the rest nothing better right now and it would be very very tough to beat!"

★ "This App should be the official native iPhone Flashlight!"

★ "More than twice as fast loading as previous Flashlight apps."

★ "No flashy gimmicky add ons, no ads, just lights up the dark. Recommended."

★ "Does what it says! Graphic On/Off switch is tight! A Must Have App"

★ "More than twice as fast loading as previous Flashlight apps."

Great App
Comes on really fast, really bright. Just put it to good use during the past six days of no power due to hurricane Irene.
by Smileystar11 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 2, 2011

Really great!
Brighter than any real flashlight I've ever used and great for hurricane when the power went out!!
by Robert Lian - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 30, 2011

Love it.
This app saved my life from hurricane Irene in New york. This is real flashlight.
by Aei2002 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 29, 2011

This app rocks
I'm sitting here without power bc of Hurricane Irene. This app has allowed me to be able to see and not trip and kill myself. I love it!
by KMAC5665 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 29, 2011

With the hurricane coming over east coast, all the stores went out of stock for flashlights. And then this app cones to my
rescue, the light is sufficient enough to brighten up a pitch dark room. Would definitely recommend it to everyone.....
by GD2906 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 28, 2011

Best App Ever!! Real Lifesaver Download Now
Make this one of your 1st Downloads! Originally got this app for reading menus in dimly lit venues for my husband who won't
get glasses.  Also for finding the same things i lose in my car all the time :) Hurricane Irene hit here & I'm stumbling in the
pitch black, then  Flashlight app!! A Real Lifesaver! Can also be used to signal for help
by RemyNYC - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 28, 2011

Most helpful app everr. This app saved my life because I was lost and it was 12:00 outside and I couldnt see so this helped
me find my way home
by Rainhippo13 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 28, 2011

Best App Eve
This app saved my life, we were in the storm shelter in piedmont ok while the tornadoes were all around us, then the
power went off. We had no light source at all, then I remembered this app on my phone. It brightened the whole shelter.
It was a light saver! U should definitely get it!
by Airsoftdude911 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 2, 2011

Awesome saved my life
When I went camping I forgot to take my phone out of my bag, luckily going on a three mile hike with my 6 year old
daughter Avia 8 year old daughter sullskin and my 12 year old tripplets kate marta and grace my Flashlight died
and hour into it ( yay). And I looked around in my back pack and found my iphone fully charged from my previous
trip to L.A. And I used the flashlight app and it saved us , that was the best story ever, with a app that is just as good!
And sitting here with my girls and new born girl river I'm so happy I was able to buy such a great app, also sullski
wants to add " hi people" to this review thanks the Guller family.
by Cococosette - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Mar 21, 2011

Saved my life
Downloaded on the side of the road last night while I was looking for my wallet. Took about a minute from download to use. Perfect.
by Zac5806 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Feb 28, 2011

Life Saver
Downloaded during a power outage, I didn't have a flashlight in the house and this app was a life saver. Bright, instant flashlight.
by Concretec - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 15, 2011

Can't believe how handy this app is. Had it a week and have used it fishing, cooking, to find a dropped key and to get in
the house. Very useful!
by Brando61 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 24, 2011

Amazing App
Most useful app I have ever used! Will on a camping trip we forgot flashlights! Wondering how to navigate in the dark we checked
for iPhone apps and found this one!What a lifesaver!Yahoo to the aol designer!!
by Elihu16 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 18, 2011

While chiles earthquake happened and our lights went out i got out my iphone and put the flashlight on and
it helped me out sooo much:) by tina main comp - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 10, 2011

Perfect for an emergency
Since I live in earthquake prone Los Angeles this app will be handy when the power is out or any other emergency. I even
use when out at night. Super useful app.
by unpobregato - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 29, 2010

Works Great!!!
What a great app! Lit up half my living room very bright..... Helped when we lost power during the tornado!! Good job. Easy to use.
by Ford04 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 12, 2011

Simple and great. Flashlight in your pocket.
I use it all the time. I have an iPhone 4 and the flash is really bright. Well worth the cheap cost! Just buy it! Think
about it, if it  gets you out of just one scrape, isn't it worth a measly dollar? That's less than a cup of coffee! BUY!!
by BJoslinKY - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - May 25, 2011

Attackers tried to rape me
Attackers (Mexicans) tried to rape me and I shined the light in their face and they fled (melted)!
by Shawn Roxby - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Feb 28, 2011

Great light
Many victims of murders in the blanket of darkness would have been saved if they downloaded this app.
Moral of the story: buy it and live.
by Flashlightenthusiast - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 25, 2011

Simple and effective
Tripped while walking to bed in the dark. Bought this app while lying on the floor. No bells or whistles but it does exactly
what it says and lights my path. Much better.
by Silvurphlame - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 10, 2011

Love it!!! Very bright, everyone should have this app. I'm a school bus driver great for my pretrip at 5:00 in the morning.
by Babycups - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 4, 2011

This app rocks
I'm sitting here without power bc of Hurricane Irene. This app has allowed me to be able to see and not trip and kill myself. I love it!
by KMAC5665 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 29, 2011

My wife and I found ourselves in a situation where we needed a flashlight in a bad way in the middle of several potential trip hazards
in the dark & then I remembered that I could get the flashlight app on my I phone. I downloaded the flashlight app and in
LESS THAN A MINUTE our problem was solved. The light was very bright, easy to use & a lifesaver. Awesome app.
by Safety Tom - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jul 20, 2011

Beyond The Call of Duty!!!
I downloaded this app because every iPhone needs a Flashlight App! Right?! Well a few days later I was disappointed when
darkness swept in on me on the 18th hole,... But I whipped out my new Flashlight App and it amazed me and my partner
by illuminating approx 30 yards of fairway and the entire 18th green! I finished with a Par putt! Beyond
The Call of Duty! FIVE STARS *****
by Kids acct - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 23, 2011

Very useful!!
We had a flat tire the other night- this app was the first thing used!
Quick & easy and well worth a dollar!!
by C. Townsley - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Apr 17, 2011

The app that is a MUST for emergencies!!!
This is by far one of the most useful apps to have on an iPhone. Great for safety at all times. This is the perfect way to be
prepared for any emergency. Lights up an entire room. Great great job creators!!!!
by EmergencyMan - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 17, 2010

I've never purchased an App so awesome and exactly what it said it was going to be! This is the 1st App that I've bought, and
I've bought plenty, that I have no regrets or disappointments. As matter of fact, I felt compelled to actually write a review.
I never, ever take the time to post something usually. Not only has this App proved useful on a daily basis, but I know
it would be invaluable in the event of an emergency!
by mandy4967 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 5, 2011

What did I do without this?
Outstanding app! Has come through in an emergency more than once.
by Daddy133 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 21, 2011

Simple and effective
I need my phone to work as a flashlight quite often, but always unexpectedly. The recent blackout in Southern California, which
caught me in lightless, windowless office, was a dramatic example. This app works with the flash, not the screen, to give a lot
of light. I wish I'd had it then.
by goodtutor - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 13, 2011

Very Helpful
So I downloaded this app during the black out in San Diego (which has been going on for almost 8 hours now), and it has been
soooo great!! In an emergency, this is the app to have, it's been very helpful! No telling how long this black out will last,
but at least I have a flashlight :)
by wtp1966 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 9, 2011

Handy for emergency
Power just went out during a thunderstorm and I have light --- great app.
by Leticia Williams - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 6, 2011

Great app I get up early and need discreet light to not wake my wife, stub my toe or rack my shin. Sometimes it's an
emergency as I am a firefighter and I can't afford the sounds or annoying load times of similar apps.. This app is
seriously B.A. and all you need for a light. It will save a life someday.
by FF2234 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - May 14, 2011

Wow. Just wow.
One of the best, most useful additions to my app library. The light was 10 times as bright as I thought it would be and
will absolutely take the place of a flashlight in your emergency kit.
by Parkeway - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Nov 20, 2010

Other flashlight hokey
I have had the strobes, etc. This one is plain & simple. Turn flashlight, turn flashlight off. The light went off in my
building & there were no emergency light. I loaned a total stranger the small flashlight I was carrying & used the
flashlight on my phone. Several people were able to get
down the stairs with my phone flashlight. Tx.
by whitglo - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Mar 8, 2011

Best flashlight app by far.
I was so happy when I purchased this app. I use it all of the time as an EMT and the best part is it's incredibly quick and bright!
by Hulk53 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - May 29, 2011

5 stars
So super bright. I'm a nurse and work at night and don't always want to turn on lights in my patient's room and this
light is so bright it almost lights up whole room. Love it.
by Lisalydia - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 15, 2011

I even helped a police officer with this light after her flashlight when out !!!
by Djiinh - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 13, 2011

Great tool
As a police officer this is one of the best apps I can have great product
by SHPD6166 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 27, 2011

Flash light
This is the Best App yet I am a FireFIghter and this light has come in handy for me on different call we Respond on
Great Tool to have !
by J - DUB - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 20, 2011

Dark, dark attic
Crawled into the tight confines of the attic for a repair when my flashlight went out. Dang. Didn't want to contort my body that way
again if I didn't have to but I needed to see to make the repair. Wait! If I could just reach my pocket...there, my cell phone and
the flashlight app brightens my day. Repair made and I can even see which way to wiggle out of what was a tight spot.
by DGJonesII - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 7, 2011

Must have for iPhone 4!
Great for when I'm in cockpit of the aircraft or doing a preflight in the dark. Also great when lights go out from a bad storm . Great app.
by Pilot 01 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Nov 21, 2010

I'm in the military and frequently need a flashlight to help me on the aircraft how awesome is it to have an app made
specifically for that? Great work it's extremely bright and instantly turns on.
by 1badAsoldier - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Feb 25, 2011

Buy now!!!!!!...the perfect flashlight App!
I'm in the military and was able to use this light in the field!!!....awesome app...works perfectly....very convenient!
by Xlnitez - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Dec 1, 2010

Power outage
The hotel had a power outage this was useful and do not need to carry anything else. It makes my phone like a Swiss army knife!
by emzee50 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Apr 6, 2011

Blackout? No Problem!
This flashlight is packing serious power. I was at a hotel when there was a storm and the electricity stopped working for awhile.
At home, in the same situation, I'd be fumbling around drawers for a flashlight. But at a hotel I didn't even have that option.
Having this app gives me peace of mind. So this app is really worth it; 2 thumbs up!
by Sandwench - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 17, 2011

Saved me a few stubbed toes and bruised shins on those 'dark & stormy nights'. truly Illuminating :)
by Ampjet - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - May 5, 2011

This is a life saver when our power went out during this last storm.
by RockNmom58 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Mar 24, 2011

Buy it
I love love love this app!!! The city i live in had a horrible ice storm and power was out for 2 days. This app helped me to find
my other flashlight and was Brighter than the one I paid 50 dollars for. I say buy it, you never know when you need it but
when you do it sire comes in handy!!!
by Diffraction t - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Mar 11, 2011

Safety factor high
Very useful app!! Dropped my car keys in a parking lot at night & was able to find them right away. I'm impressed with
how much light this actually throws in a darkened room! Highly recommend downloading this app...
by No really, just get this! - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Dec 20, 2010

Most amazing flashlight app ever!!!!! I Have used it many times when I couldn't see in the dark! It has saved my knees from
countless end tables. It also was useful in proving to my four year old no monsters were under his bed... I kiss it before
hitting the off button everytime!!! MUST BUY!!!
by Miss_nicolle12 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 22, 2011

Blackout in Cali
We are In the middle of a power out. This app has been a lifesaver! If we didn't have it, it would literally be pitch black.
Everyone should have this app!
by Crusted Zeuster - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Sep 9, 2011

by DIXIE DIVA & LEXIE - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Aug 18, 2011

Definitely worth it - Fast & simple
Already had a light app because I often work at night and need to navigate unfamiliar paths. Old app was too slow & made it too
dangerous if I missed a step. This one is faster and very simple. It' just a flashlight - but that's all I need
by Tony McCombs - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Jun 26, 2011

Totally worth it
Been using one of the free apps for years, but I'm glad I switched to this one. All I really want and need is a flashlight. No ads that
switch to the browser and turn the light out. And no strobes or colored screens that serve no purpose other than to annoy me when
I just want a dang light to see in the dark.
by Shadowman615 - Flashlight ® - Version 4.2 - Oct 17, 2011

  • Find Your Keys in the Dark
  • Read a Real Book at Night
  • Light the Way When Camping and Hiking
  • Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Nigh.
  • Light Your Room During a Power Outage
  • Repair Your Car or Change a Tire at Night
  • Entertain Friends With Shadow Puppets
  • Check on the Little Ones

Don't be fooled by those outdated iPhone 3 apps that claim to be Flashlights but simply turn your iPhone's screen white. Flashlight ® uses the LED Flash and is up to 10 times brighter than the iPhone screen and up to 3 times brighter than many common "D-Battery" Flashlights.

Click the Flashlight ® app icon to turn your camera's Flash ON almost instantly and keep it on until you turn it off!

If you love this app, please rate it in iTunes and add comments to help spread the word.

  • Flash Light
  • Torch Light
  • Purse Light
  • Night Light
  • Computer Light
  • Reading Light

..and many more uses.

You've got the POWER with Flashlight ® for iPhone 4!

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